Belle Epoque Pottery is the ceramic work of Camille Morin. Having studied clay since first starting on the potter's wheel at age 14, Camille earned her BFA in Ceramics in 1998 from the University of Tennessee. She has worked in multiple studios since, and is the former Glaze Director at District Clay, a teaching and artist-in-residence studio in NE Washington DC.

Camille incorporates nostalgic images into her work through the use of a photo-copy transfer method onto porcelain. Images are burnished onto the clay surface prior to drying, and high-fired in electric and gas reduction kilns. Wheel-thrown, hand built, and slipcast forms are finished with an art nouveau-inspired palette of original glazes from recipes culled through decades of experience and testing. 

"The most important quality I wish to have people take away from my work is connection. Connection with the object, the image, the colors, the usefulness. My work strives to be both playful and graceful, evocative of memories past and bringing purpose and presence to daily rituals. People enjoy this everyday art in their lives as it grounds, reconnects and reminds us to take moments for ourselves, share and appreciate something thoughtful, less manufactured~ something made with an intent to express & provide joy."

Randomness is an inherent part of the process, making the results surprising and beautiful, but often difficult to replicate. The finished product is unique, and perfectly imperfect as only hand-made artisan wares can be.